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the creativr cornerstone

The Creative Cornerstone

A North Carolina Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation

A Message From The Founders

 Queen and I, AJ, have been supporting and nurturing Charlotte’s creative scene since 2021 through our media production company CREATIVITY EVOLVED.  This  commitment has been taken a step further through establishing THE CREATIVE CORNERSTONE, a nonprofit focused on youth involvement with media production. Through this nonprofit, We are dedicated to bridging the gap between artistic dreams and professional triumphs. 

Alex & Qween Williams

Alex & Queen Williams

Production Crew

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide disadvantaged youth with media production skills to enhance their abilities, increase their critical thinking, and provide them with an opportunity to an innovative career path.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a catalyst in mentoring youth to be productive and thrive in the community

Creativity Evolved Community Roots

Since its inception in 2021, Creativity Evolved, a media production studio, has actively enriched the Charlotte creative community through a diverse range of public programming. Our engaging initiatives, such as music showcases celebrating local talent, networking events forging connections among creative minds, and festive community celebrations, have all contributed to our mission of nurturing artistic growth and community engagement.


Notably, our strong commitment to community outreach is exemplified by the "Evolving Mothers Brunch," a heartfelt event in collaboration with the Angle House Maternity Home, dedicated to pampering mothers in need. Additionally, we've collaborated with nonprofit organizations like The Diamond Effect, organizing workshops and events aimed at providing professional direction to the city's youth, particularly those striving to excel in the arts.


The recent establishment of the Creative Cornerstone nonprofit stands as a testament to our enduring dedication to supporting and mentoring young creatives by equipping them with essential skills and guidance. Creativity Evolved continues to serve as a central hub for artistic growth and community engagement, actively bridging the gap between creative aspirations and professional success.


Creative Cornerstone’s Digital Creative Workshops

The Creative Cornerstone Program is specifically designed to serve and include youth from disadvantaged communities in Mecklenburg County. Our target audience is young individuals who may lack access to creative education and opportunities due to socio-economic disparities. This program is open to:


Supporting Disadvantage Communities

We aim to provide a creative outlet and skill development opportunities for young people facing economic challenges. These individuals often lack access to resources that can help them nurture their talents and pursue careers in media production.


Aspiring Artists

The program welcomes those who have a passion for film, music, Spoken Word, and photography. It's tailored to cater to their interests and help them refine their craft.


The Mecklenburg County Community

While the primary focus is on youth, our digital arts showcase at the end of the program is open to the broader community. This event aims to raise awareness about socio-economic disparities and engage the community in supporting and celebrating the creative achievements of these young artists.

The Creative Cornerstone Program is committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that all youth, regardless of their economic background, have the opportunity to explore and develop their creative talents. By including the broader community in our showcase, we foster understanding and empathy while encouraging support for the artistic endeavors of disadvantaged youth.

Learning Goals

The Creative Cornerstone Digital Workshops is a dynamic initiative dedicated to empowering youth from the disadvantaged communities with essential skills in media production. Our comprehensive program revolves around three core pillars: Visual Arts, Audio Production & Recording, and Spoken Word (poetry writing and performance).

Learning Goals:

1. Skill Development: Participants will acquire practical skills in film, music production, and Spoken Word (Poetry). They will learn how to write compelling short stories, acquire the fundamental skills of the art of recording and mixing music, and will learn to craft meaningful poetry and confidently present it in front of an audience, enhancing their public speaking and communication skills.

2. Creative Expression: The program encourages youth to express themselves through various artistic forms, fostering self-confidence, creative thinking, and the ability to communicate effectively through media.

3. Community Engagement: The participants will have the opportunity to showcase their creative work at the Creative Cornerstone's digital arts showcase, promoting community engagement and raising awareness about socio-economic disparities within Mecklenburg County. This goal encourages the youth to become active agents of change, advocating for equity and inclusivity within their creative communities.

At the culmination of the program, students will have the opportunity to showcase their creative achievements in their community during Creative Cornerstone's digital arts showcase. This event serves as a platform for them to demonstrate their newfound talents and, in turn, raise awareness about the socio-economic disparities experienced by young artists in Mecklenburg County. The Creative Cornerstone is committed to nurturing the next generation of media producers and storytellers while promoting social awareness and change through the arts.

Photography classes for youth
Youth filmmaking programs

Meet Your Instructors

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AJ Williams
Photography / Cinematography

Alex Williams, a seasoned professional with over two decades in photography and film, owns and operates Creativity Evolved Studios. Starting with music videos and expanding into documentaries and films, his work is featured on platforms like Amazon Prime. Alex, also a mentor, hails from an underrepresented community, understands the challenges, and through his studio, empowers young artists to overcome barriers and achieve creative success. His personal journey serves as inspiration, guiding the next generation to thrive creatively.


Audio Production & Recording

Alex PGSV, a Charlotte-based artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, boasts impressive musical expertise with classical piano training since age five. At 22, he's collaborated with Stove God, Vadim Kolpakov, and composed for the LA Times, earning a reputation as a sought-after music producer. As head mixing engineer at Creativity Evolved Studios, he mentors the next generation, drawing from his early music career to connect with aspiring musicians. Through sharing knowledge and experience, Alex empowers them to excel in the music industry and pursue their artistic dreams.

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Porsha The Poet
Spoken Word / Live Performance

Porsha's life is a testament to the transformative power of words and the arts. As a poet, she not only hones her craft but also commits to mentoring youth through showcases, igniting their creative flames. Her unique talent lies in connecting with young minds, guiding them on a journey of healing and self-expression, turning poetic talents into purpose-driven careers. Through her personal experience, Porsha empowers others to overcome obstacles, discover their life's purpose, and embrace the arts for personal and professional growth.


Romani G
Audio Recording & Production

Romani G, also known as PlugMein Tha Producer, is a highly acclaimed artist, music producer, engineer, and the President of Carolina Hitz Media Company/Clothing Brand. Originating from the Carolinas, Romani has partnered with fellow local producers such as Moneymade, Neeko Baby, and Jetsonmade, collaborating with major artists like DaBaby and Rich Dunk from South Coast Music Group/Billion Dollar Baby, among others. Committed to shaping the minds of future creatives, Romani engages with the youth, imparting essential skills in production, engineering, songwriting, and the operation of various Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). His goal is to inspire the next generation of artists, fostering a positive impact on their futures and contributing to the growth of careers in the music and entertainment industry.

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for THE CREATIVE CORNERSTONE. We are currently accepting new volunteers at this time.

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Production Crew

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